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EST. 2021



Meet Kindra Dionne-

Kindra is an old soul with a love for discovering new things. Her high-energy, work ethic, and disarming personality are a perfect pairing for her newest venture as a wine company. A Richmond, Virginia native and current resident in DC’s Wine Country, Kindra is a visionary, a creative, and an equal opportunity entrepreneur.

Kindra is a Business Consultant, Author of Conquering the Emotional Roller Coaster of Entrepreneurship, Founder of Purpose WorX, and she serves on Fifty Leven™ professional and community boards.

Unlike most wine professionals, Kindra did not enter the industry with formalized training in wine. Through mentorship, endless hours of research, and a desire to share a collection of approachable varietals & blends with an underserved consumer group, she learned the business and Fifty Leven™ was launched.

Fifty Leven™ is a lifestyle brand for the professional, the innovator, and the boss who lives in their own lane. Fifty Leven™ represents a new generation aspiring wine enthusiasts who are open to explore and learn their own palate.

Kindra’s mission is to offer Fifty Leven™ Wine options for people who want to enjoy wine that is luxurious and fun at the same time.

Cheers to Love, Peace, and… Well, you know!

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